A Tale of Two Doctors-December 21st

John, you like hell.”

John grinned. “Thanks, Launa, I can always depend on you to lift my spirits.”

“Well, promise me that you’ll at least do something fun on your day off.”

His smile faded. “Fun is overrated. I’ll settle for Strange over and over.”

Launa looked back at him. “Doctor Watson, you are the strangest person I’ve ever met. If your heart didn’t belong to another, I could fall in love with you, you know?”

He traced her cheek with his finger. “I know, but my heart is Strangelocked.”




New Release The Merprince’s Pirate

Rat has always been a boy of the streets, then a pirate. His life has been a string of misfortune and violence. But when a merboy rescues him from certain death, Rat’s world is changed forever.

Coralin, a merprince, has been raised in the lap of luxury, destined to be king. He’s been taught that humans are evil. But when he rescues a young boy from drowning, his world is turned upside down. He knew that someday he would find a mate, but he didn’t expect him to be human, and he certainly expect him to be a pirate.

Both boys come to care for each other, but are unprepared when fate throws them a curve ball, separating them for years.
Coralin’s underwater kingdom is thrown into political turmoil, waiting for him to spawn royal offspring, while Rat struggles to survive among a blood thirsty crew of pirates.

Rat and Coralin are thrown into a world neither can imagine, after they fall in love when they find one another again. Coralin becomes torn between his obligation to his people and his love for Rat, forcing him to choose between love and duty.


The Winning Side-Sherlock/ London Spy Crossover


Sherlock looked over at Mycroft, knowing how much it cost his brother to look bored. “Mycroft, when are you going to tell him?”

“Tell him what?” Mycroft snapped.

“Tell that Alex is still alive.”

“Sherlock, keep your voice down. There’s no sense in getting his hopes up when we both know that Alex is dead.”

He shook his head, then looked into his brother’s light blue eyes. “It hurts, doesn’t it?”

“Mind your own business, brother mine.”

He swallowed. This loss will break his heart. He’s made a tactical error. He’s fallen in love with Danny. “Mycroft?”

A Lock of Hair-Doctor Strange/Watson Fanfic

Dearest John, what did you think of Roman Holiday? Too romantic? Anyway, I thought of you the whole time and could swear that you were sitting next to me, holding my hand, nuzzling my neck and caressing my cheek. Mordo has managed to kill another sorcerer—a woman. She wasn’t part of the sanctum, but we still felt her loss. I’m sorry, my letters must depress you. On another note, I explored a new dimension, the other day— the compact dimension. I wouldn’t recommend it. It felt like being squeezed into a million pieces. It didn’t hurt, it just felt weird



Anesthetized-Sherlock/London Spy Fanfic

Mycroft scowled when he heard thumping sounds coming from the bathroom. Danny looked over at him. “What’s that noise?”

He sighed. “My brother, most likely getting his brains buggered out.”

Danny laughed. “You must be joking, Sherlock and John on a plane. I would expect that John had more restraint.”

He looked down at the ground, avoiding Danny’s intense gaze. “The good Doctor Watson has no restraint when it comes to my little brother.”

The noise intensified. “Oh, for god’s sake.” Then he got up and knocked on the door. “Stop this instant, I just had the plane detailed. Sherlock, was that breaking glass I heard? My Waterford crystal decanter better be intact. SHERLOCK, ANSWER ME NOW.” The Queen of the Night Aria from Mozart’s opera The Magic Flute echoed back at him, accompanied by muted laughter. He knocked again, just as the plane shifted. The door flew open and Sherlock and John, spilled out into the hallway, naked from the waist down.



The Strange/Watson Letters

Dearest John, it’s hard to find words. By now Wong would have explained why I had to leave so quickly. As much as I wanted to remain in your arms, I couldn’t let time stop, even for you. Wong has cast a spell on each letter I write to you, so that Mordo cannot trace it. Electronic communication can be traced, so snail mail it is. Sometimes the old ways are best. The letters will be sent to the London sanctum where you can write to me in return. I will find a way out of this, I promise. Everything reminds me of you, the Thai iced tea that the cook brews. She hands me a cup every morning and I want to weep when the first taste hits my lips. Her eyes search mine and we both know in that instant how much I miss you.



Only Time Will Tell-Doctor Strange/Doctor Watson Fanfic

“John, I hear something, a shrill note. Do you hear it?”

“Yes, it’s as annoying as hell.”

“It doesn’t belong in our keys. John someone’s attempting to reach us. I’m going after it.”

“No, Strange, wait for me. Strange?” John floated in his minor key. I’m lost without my major. Strange, where are you?” He felt himself becoming absorbed in the music— a soft mournful tune.

“John, it’s Strange, come follow me.”

“Of course, it’s you, who else would it be?” he snapped. “I’m sorry, Strange. I trust you, lead us out of this place.”



Memory Swipe-Sherlock-London Spy Fanfic

“Be careful,” Mycroft snapped, when a medical technician ran a scanner over Danny’s neck.

“Mr. Holmes, do you want a read out of the chip or not?”


“Mr. Holmes, you do realize that the information from the chip will show up on the scanner whether or not the patient is alive, don’t you?”

“Yes, now get on with it and be gentle. He’s been through a lot.”

Danny looked over at him and smiled. What do I do when he smiles at me? His green eyes bore into my soul. A fleeting smile twitched at the corner of his lips, then he turned away, preferring to look at the medical equipment—cold and sterile like me.



You’re the Relative to My Minor-Doctor Strange/Watson Fanfic

Strange floated through the citrine dimension. What am I? I have a pulse, but no heartbeat. I am making sounds, but have no voice. What am I? What was I? A sound surrounds me. I’ve heard it before; it’s a pitch. It’s F# of a major chord. I’m in the key of G major, but how? There is another that makes my heart sing. Who is he? What is he? He is…is a Doctor—John. I want to call to him, but I can’t. He is close. I can feel it. He could be any number of pitches. I run through a G major scale, panicking when I can’t find him. John, John, where are you? I float adrift becoming lost in every piece of music I’ve ever loved. The notes bombard my senses, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, all perfect, all me. They are now the essence of who I am. If John, isn’t in G major, then where is he? He then smiled, scattering notes. I know where you are, John, you are in my relative minor—E minor.



Chemical Defects-Sherlock/London Spy Fanfic

Mycroft carried Danny into the room. John reached them first. “Good god, what happened?”

“He sprained, possibly broke his ankle when he attempted to escape. He’s also dislocated his shoulder. He’s in a lot of pain.”

“Why didn’t you set it?” Sherlock asked.

Mycroft avoided his brother’s speculative gaze. “There wasn’t time and I didn’t want to worsen the injury.”

“Since when have you cared about whether you injure another human being?”

“Brother mine, you know as well as I that Danny is an asset.”

“And after he’s fulfill his purpose?” Sherlock asked him, with an edge to his voice.

“Then he shall be dealt with accordingly.”