Letter to Sherlock Fanfic Artists

Dearest Sherlock Fans, this letter is to you, you who work tirelessly on stories and artwork. So, do I think Benedict Cumberbatch is putting down johnlockers? Without sounding too flippant, I believe that fanfiction is not an attempt to change the character of Sherlock, or Benedict Cumberbatch. So, what is it that drives fanfiction? Is it as the Out Magazine Article dated October 14, 2014 suggests? “…I think it’s a way of neutralizing the threat, so this person is sort of removed from them as somebody who could break their heart. The article further suggests that: “… Perhaps, I suggest, making Holmes and Watson gay is a way to remove other women from the picture …Yes, yes, he[Benedict] replies enthusiastically…(Hicklin 2014).  So, if johnlock is not about removing women from the relationship between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, what is it about? In the humble opinion of this writer, fanfiction is not about johnlock, Sheriaty, Sherlolly, or a variation of the three, I will go as far as to say fanfiction is not about Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Freeman either, So, what is fanfiction? It is not about the lustful fantasy life of a lonely fandom it is about hope and love, it is about something as ageless as love itself, it’s about the sacrifice, tragedy, unrequited love, and loss that each human being experiences by just living here on earth. So, if writing fanfiction keeps the author from thinking about Ebola, Religious Beheadings, Global Warming, or the uncertainty of the future, then write on, draw on, and paint on my friends. For the beauty of Sherlock fanfiction, is that each writer creates a dismal situation and then solves this uncertainty by the true love and friendship of Sherlock and John. So, are Sherlock Holmes and John Watson gay? Is the molding of Sherlock’s character into a loving human being a transgression against the cannon? Who cares? For as long as Sherlock Holmes and John Watson first leaped to life on the pages of fiction in 19th Century London, people have speculated about each character’s sexual proclivities and it will be speculated on for as long as the characters are brought to life again by another generation. To quote Lincoln from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” Be good to each other and party on …[Sherlockians].”  Fanfiction writers I think it can be summed up thusly: “The bitter thing we critics must face is in  the grand scheme of things the average piece of junk is probably more meaningful than the criticism designating it so…” Anton from the Movie Ratatouille


The Art Critic


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