Sherlock Fanfic-An Accord with the Devil

Here is an excerpt from one of my Sherlock fanfics. To read in its entirety please see on Wattpad, A03 or Fanfiction. Here is the link to wattpad.

Laura blushed and then placed a cool hand on Sherlock’s arm. “The surgeon I speak of is myself. I’m Doctor Elsa Strasburg. Go ahead Google me. I’m the best.”
“At what?” Sherlock asked in spite.
Laura licked her lips as she slid closer to Sherlock. “At everything.”
Sherlock knew without searching the internet that she spoke the truth. “What do you want from me?” Sherlock asked in a weary tone.
Laura smiled as she said, “I want you to help me find the jewel of Bastet.”
Sherlock smirked, “You’re mad. There’s no such thing. Besides who do you think I am, Indiana Jones?”
Laura laughed. “Oh, Sherlock I just love that caustic wit of yours. So, do we have a deal?”
Sherlock sighed as he looked up at the brilliant stars above them. The beauty of their light seemed to mock him. He then looked over at the faint glow coming from inside the tent where John lay and then back at Laura’s glittering pupils that reflected the illumination of the flames from the camp fire. Sherlock’s heart felt heavy as he whispered, “Yes, we have an accord.”
Laura reached out and grasped his hand like a venomous snake. “Don’t cross me again, Sherlock


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