Terror in the Tea Shop


Sherlock wandered through the virtual archives of MI 6 with a deftness and cunning of a shark navigating through deep waters. “Hmm, Alex’s name is Alastair and he is working on something quite extraordinary,” Sherlock thought as his hawk-like gaze shifted through data table after data table. Each level contained a new encryption, which Sherlock met head on with relish. He became so engrossed in his project that he jumped when John addressed him.

“Sherlock what are you doing? What is all that gobbledygook?” John asked as he peered over John’s shoulder. Sherlock slammed down the lid of the laptop so hard that John protested. “Hey, I’m not taking that to the shop again. If the screen is broken it will be the…”

John whisked the laptop under his arm and then breezed past John in a wool flurry of coat and scarf. “John, mind your own business.”

For full story please go to wattpad, A03 or Fanfiction


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