Hope-Sherlock Fanfic

Just posted new chapter in Wattpad, A03 and Fanfiction Here is an Excerpt:

Sherlock let the words wash over him and then sat up in a quick snap like a mummy, for John would have never disturbed his sleep. John lay sound asleep beside him. There was no one else in the tent. Sherlock yawned, shook his head, wiped the sleep from his eyes and then propped his head up on his elbow so that he could watch John sleep.

As if sensing Sherlock’s gaze, John rolled over and smiled up at Sherlock. “How are you feeling?”

Sherlock smiled back as he said, “Only a Doctor who is the patient would ask someone else ‘how are you?’.”

John gave Sherlock a sloppy grin as he replied, “Guilty as charged.”

Sherlock’s expression grew serious as he ran his fingers across John’s forehead. “John, you are the most innocent person I know. You could never be guilty of anything.”

John watched Sherlock’s lips as he talked and then placed his index finger on Sherlock’s lower lip. “Oh, I wouldn’t say that Mister Holmes.”



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