Desert Sirens

A Star Trek short story


The wind howled outside the tent, threatening to rip its sides off, thus exposing them to the elements, shattering their fragile security. Kirk pulled his pack closer to him and rummaged around for a bottle-a bottle that took away the pain-a bottle that numbed the senses. His fingers enclosed around a smooth round cylinder. Kirk sighed as he pulled forth the bottle. He popped open the lid and was about to take a couple of pills when he noticed two sets of eyes, one pair blue, one pair obsidian watching him with care.

“What?” Kirk snapped as he looked from McCoy to Spock.

McCoy frowned. “Jim, is that the bottle I gave you last week?”

Kirk shook the bottle, its contents making a small rattling sound-a sound that revealed the near emptiness of the bottle. “Yes, what of it?” Kirk snapped….


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