Failure to Protect-Sherlock Fanfic

New Chapter to Parallel Lovers is up. Click on link to read:



Sherlock must have fallen asleep for the room had grown colder. What had awoken him? He looked down at John’s sleeping from. For a moment he forgot about the events of the evening, studying John’s relaxed facial features. He traced a wrinkle or two with his forefinger. “I am most likely the cause for the wrinkles and gray hair,” Sherlock whispered aloud.  Though the gray looked sexy as hell he frowned at its implication. John was aging. “Aging is normal,” Sherlock mused, then fought down a wave of panic when he thought of the human degeneration process eroding his own body as well as John’s. A surge of anger coursed through his veins at the realization that he couldn’t protect John from everything. A proper genius was no match for the ravages of time. “Someday we will both die, but do not fear for I will follow you into the dark,” Sherlock vowed aloud, covering John’s jawline with kisses.


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