The Treasure of Pi

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One hundred and twenty years ago in Boston, MA Charles Robison and William Westerly were robbed of their lives, betrayed by Charles’ brother Anthony. The only testament of their love that remains is a journal and a watch with the sign of Pi on its cover. One hundred and twenty years later the watch and the journal will bring two men together once more, will they be to overcome the curse that seems to follow the watch and journal and be free to love each other or will the hatred that destroyed Charles and William threaten their future as well?

Contains erotic scenes.

Will the treasure of Pi destroy them or will infinite love win out? Will the mystery of Pi be solved in 2015 or will the evil and betrayal from 1895 find its way into the present? From 1895 to 1945 to 2015 the value of Pi holds true. A forbidden secret written down in a journal 120 years ago speaks of an infinite love. Will the mystery be solved before time runs out? Can the two lovers from the present trust each other? Or will lust and greed rip them apart?


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