Boredom+Despair=The Syringe

I open my eyes. Though I am feeling better, the burden of the conversation I must have with you weighs heavily upon me. What I wouldn’t do for a fix. Just something, anything to take the edge off.

“Sherlock?” Your voice calls to me. “Sherlock, I see you’re feeling better. I’ve brought up some tea and biscuits.”

I nod, not meeting your eyes. My hand shakes when I reach for the fragile looking tea cup. I look up at you and tears form in my eyes. “John, I….”

You sit down next to me on the bed. “Sherlock, let’s not talk about this now.” I shake my head, then take a bite of biscuit, letting the taste of it fill my mouth. “Jesus, you make tea and biscuits so sexy.”

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