A Tale of Two Doctors-Strange/Watson

New chapter is up.


It was nearing the end of the week and that meant two things, one that spirit week was ending and the other was that John could now have his own room. Strange should have felt relieved, but he didn’t. He sighed, then made his way down the hall to the room that would be John’s new quarters. When he stepped inside, he shivered. The room was acceptable and clean, but would never do. It was facing the north and therefore colder. He will freeze in here and it’s so dark. The window is too small. John won’t like that.

John watched the last of the students from spirit week leaving. They hugged each other, made promises to keep in touch, then they were gone in a moment. Each using their sling rings to return home. Home, where the hell is that? Well, time to pack, Strange will be happy to get his place back. Will he miss me? He sighed, then made his way to their room, soon to be Strange’s alone.

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