Parallel Lovers-Sherlock/London Spy

Sherlock listened to the phone message again, palming his face in a futile effort to keep his analytical thoughts intact.


Sherlock whirled around to see John standing behind him.

“God, Sherlock what is it?”

Sherlock looked down, hiding his tear-filled eyes. “Scotty’s dead and Danny’s been injected with the Aids virus.”

“Jesus, oh god, what kind of monsters are we dealing with?”

Sherlock shook his head. “We won’t be safe here for much longer. I have another place in Augsburg.”

“Sherlock, we can’t keep running. We have to put a stop to this.” Then he laid his head against Sherlock’s shoulder.

“I don’t think we can beat this. They will use us against each other. They will torture one or both of us while the other one watches. John, I can’t bear it.”

John took Sherlock’s hands in his own. “We can do anything if we stick together. Now go to your mind palace and find us a way out of this mess.”

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