A Tale of Two Doctors Watson/Strange

John sat on the edge of his bed and rocked back and forth. How am I supposed to live like this? Brownie whined, rubbing against him like a cat. John smiled. “Let’s just play hooky and sleep the rest of the day away, shall we?”

Brownie barked his approval and they both scurried under the covers.

Strange hovered outside of each of John’s classes, frowning when he didn’t show up at any of them. Maybe I should go check on him? No, he wouldn’t like that. I’ll send a student over with a dinner tray and some tea, the kind he likes.

John groaned, when the tapping on his door wouldn’t stop. I’ve just gotten to sleep and now there’re at me again. This is worse than being in the military hospital. “Just a minute,” he snapped, surprised when he noticed that it was dark outside. I must have been asleep much longer than I thought.

When he opened the door, a student stood before him. “I brought you some dinner and tea.”

John looked around, disappointed that Strange hadn’t come himself. Coward. Then he picked up the tray, thanked the student and went inside, shutting the door behind him.

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