The Promise-Sherlock Fanfic

A knock at the door startles us into action. You grab your stripped robe, Anderson looks around, he has no robe, so he dives under the covers. I slip my gown on, posing like Botticelli’s Venus, then say, “Come in.”

You look murderous and Anderson blushes when Mrs. Hudson opens the door. “Boys, I thought you might like some…tea.” Her voice trails off and she wrinkles her nose. “Oh Sherlock, what have you done now?”

I raise up. “In case you haven’t noticed there are two other people in the room. How come everyone always blames me when something untoward occurs?”

You scratch the side of your face. “That’s because it’s usually you that causes all the trouble.” Then you take a step towards Mrs. Hudson. “Look I’m sorry you had to find out this way, but we aren’t just fooling around. We are all in a relationship with each other.”

She sets down the tea tray and smiles. “That’s nice, I’m happy for the three of you but please open a window and clean up in here. It smells a bit musky.” Then she smiles again and leaves.

When the door shuts, I start to laugh. “Good old Mrs. Hudson, nothing shocks her, does it?”

You raise your eyebrows, rubbing the back of your neck. “Apparently not.”

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