Sertraline Smile-Sherlock Fanfic

Fanfiction LinkSherlock awoke with a sense of peace. He would be released from hospital today. He would play the game, the contrite brother for Mycroft, the loveable tenant for Mrs. Hudson, and the evasive friend to Molly, all so he could accomplish his real goal—the kidnapping of John. John and he would escape to a small country estate that had been deeded to him lieu of a fee and John would get better or they would both die. With the help of Wiggins, he procured a burner phone, a full chemistry set and the drugs he would need to tailor an anti-depressant, specifically to fit John’s needs. The only thing on his list that was missing was a therapist. John likes women therapists, but how do I find one that is willing to live in the middle of nowhere and how do I know she won’t report us?

Wattpad Link to Full story

AO3 Link



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