London Bridges-Sherlock Fanfic

Love comes in all different shapes and sizes and when I look at you, Anderson and Alice, I realize how fortunate I am to be the recipient of such devotion. A text pings on my phone. I should ignore it, but my obsessive nature doesn’t allow me to. I read the text, then re-read it again. “John, Anderson, we have to leave now.”

You look at me. “I know you’re bored, but quit being so cryptic. Valentine’s Day only comes once a year. Try to enjoy it.”

I grasp your arm. “John, get up, and take Alice and Anderson out of here. Try to get a cab out of the city.” A barrage of police cars rushes past the window, too many. “John, mass panic is about to ensue. Before the news hits, you must leave, now.”

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