Citrine Dimension

Strange looked at Wong. “Could you repeat that one more time?”

“Mordo is in the citrine dimension.”

“What’s the citrine dimension?” John asked.

Strange then glanced over at John, working to control his own heart rate. Damn, I’m starting to lose it. “The citrine dimension is a color frequency dimension. It is a disorientating place, full of deception. Everything is citrine colored. A person’s voice can become lost forever by disturbing its fragile facets. Oh, god, John, I can’t take you there.”

John stepped in front of him. “You can’t stop me. Wong and I are coming with you.”

“No, someone needs to stay here. Wong, you will come with me and John will stay.”

John laid a hand on his arm. “Strange, you’re not making sense. Wong is more equipped to guard the sanctum and I am more equipped to guard you.”

“I don’t need guarding and besides you have no idea what the citrine dimension could do to you, John. You could be fused into a crystalline structure forever, or your essence could be transformed into a frequency that no one could hear—just a blip on some observatory satellite.”

Strange shivered when John took his arm. “Then we shall be frozen in amber together, like fossils.”





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