Heartbeak Grass-Sherlock Fanfic

John’s been in solitary for two weeks now. I miss him. I need him. I am lost without my blogger. I watch each session through a two-way mirror. He is making progress, but it rends my heart in two when he begs Doctor Shaw to bring back my ghost, pleading with her to not dose him with meds, just so that he can see me one more time. John, what have I done? I read your blog after I jumped, it was trite and practical, nothing about your true feelings bled through the pixelated words. I suppose communication is not either of our strong points. Bugger.

Sherlock slammed his laptop shut, but not before Wiggins had a peek at the screen. “So, you’re keeping an uncover blog, are you?”

“Mind your own business, minion.”




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