You’re the Relative to My Minor-Doctor Strange/Watson Fanfic

Strange floated through the citrine dimension. What am I? I have a pulse, but no heartbeat. I am making sounds, but have no voice. What am I? What was I? A sound surrounds me. I’ve heard it before; it’s a pitch. It’s F# of a major chord. I’m in the key of G major, but how? There is another that makes my heart sing. Who is he? What is he? He is…is a Doctor—John. I want to call to him, but I can’t. He is close. I can feel it. He could be any number of pitches. I run through a G major scale, panicking when I can’t find him. John, John, where are you? I float adrift becoming lost in every piece of music I’ve ever loved. The notes bombard my senses, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, all perfect, all me. They are now the essence of who I am. If John, isn’t in G major, then where is he? He then smiled, scattering notes. I know where you are, John, you are in my relative minor—E minor.




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