The Winning Side-Sherlock/ London Spy Crossover


Sherlock looked over at Mycroft, knowing how much it cost his brother to look bored. “Mycroft, when are you going to tell him?”

“Tell him what?” Mycroft snapped.

“Tell that Alex is still alive.”

“Sherlock, keep your voice down. There’s no sense in getting his hopes up when we both know that Alex is dead.”

He shook his head, then looked into his brother’s light blue eyes. “It hurts, doesn’t it?”

“Mind your own business, brother mine.”

He swallowed. This loss will break his heart. He’s made a tactical error. He’s fallen in love with Danny. “Mycroft?”


Breached-Sherlock/London Spy Fanfic

Danny crept alongside the fence, hoping the carcass of the dead rabbit still lay near the fence, where he’d seen it from the drive. He took a quick inventory of his pilfered supplies, Mycroft’s plush robe and terry belt, a wooden spoon, a pair of scissors, a pen light, and several rubber condoms. Thank god, Mycroft doesn’t have a latex allergy. Sheep skin wouldn’t work. I need an insulator.

He then looked around, making his way towards the electrified fence and the dead rabbit. The smell of rotting flesh filled his nostrils. Christ, it smells like I’ve found the poor thing. He shone the light down on the creature’s body, gaging from the odor, then tears filled his eyes when he noticed the maggots that ate at its once beautiful brown eyes. Alex. His beautiful blue eyes are now gone—rotted away. Though he couldn’t spare the time, he sank to the ground, keening into the folds of Mycroft’s robe. He then took a deep breath and tied the rabbit’s legs together, with one of the condoms, attaching the wooden spoon to one end. When the rabbit’s body hit the electrified fence, it lit up like a Christmas tree. The smell of burnt meat filled the air and he gagged again, but kept a tight grip on the wooden spoon.




Parallel Lovers-Sherlock/London Spy

Sherlock listened to the phone message again, palming his face in a futile effort to keep his analytical thoughts intact.


Sherlock whirled around to see John standing behind him.

“God, Sherlock what is it?”

Sherlock looked down, hiding his tear-filled eyes. “Scotty’s dead and Danny’s been injected with the Aids virus.”

“Jesus, oh god, what kind of monsters are we dealing with?”

Sherlock shook his head. “We won’t be safe here for much longer. I have another place in Augsburg.”

“Sherlock, we can’t keep running. We have to put a stop to this.” Then he laid his head against Sherlock’s shoulder.

“I don’t think we can beat this. They will use us against each other. They will torture one or both of us while the other one watches. John, I can’t bear it.”

John took Sherlock’s hands in his own. “We can do anything if we stick together. Now go to your mind palace and find us a way out of this mess.”

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Parallel Lovers-Sherlock/London Spy

John watched Sherlock while he sat in front of his laptop, the ghostly glow illuminating his features to perfection.

“God, you look sexy when you’re incognito.”

Sherlock fixed his gaze upon John’s lips. “Nonsense, John quit being dramatic. Being off the grid doesn’t alter my appearance.”

“Oh yeah?” John then bent down and began to nibble on his neck.

“Stop it, John, I’m trying to work.”

“So, am I,” John whispered, flicking his tongue in and out of Sherlock’s ear.

Sherlock pulled away. “John, quit it.”

“Make me,” John challenged, running his fingers across Sherlock’s nubs, playing with them until they hardened.

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Parallel Lovers-Sherlock/London Spy Crossover

When Sherlock entered the room, John threw the paper to the ground, closing the space between them in an instant. “Sherlock, how could you keep this from me?” he shouted, pointing to the crumpled up newspaper.

“John, there’s nothing we can do to help Danny.”

“Nothing we can do? How can you say that when we both know he’s innocent?”

“John, there are forces at work here that make it impossible to help him. He’s already marked for death. It’s all a matter of time.”

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Budapest-Sherlock-London Spy Fanfic

John laughed, then entwined his own fingers in Sherlock’s, focusing on tightening the grip of bone and sinew until their digits locked together. No words were spoken, as their flesh changed colors, first natural, then red, then white. When they finally let go John mourned the loss of Sherlock’s touch.

Sherlock swallowed down the lump in his throat, dreading to leave John alone. “John, I’ll be right back.” Then he left before John could see the tears coursing down his cheeks. John, you are my first thought every morning and my last thought every night. Always. You…Then he let his introspection’s float away like chaff in the wind.

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Sherlock nudged John forward, then stopped. “The limo is waiting outside, you go ahead. I’ll be along in a minute.” When Sherlock was convinced that John had gone outside, he took the paper in his hands and threw in into the fire. It made a slight crackling sound as the fire began to lick away the headlines. Suspect Being Questioned in the Murder of Alistair

The rest of the headline burned away, while Sherlock watched its demise. John must be protected at all costs. With one backward glance and a wave to Mrs. Hudson, he left Baker Street.

The ride to the Airport was silent. Sherlock looked over at John in grief, watching him struggle with the confines of being in the back seat of the limo.

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Failure to Protect-Sherlock Fanfic

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Sherlock must have fallen asleep for the room had grown colder. What had awoken him? He looked down at John’s sleeping from. For a moment he forgot about the events of the evening, studying John’s relaxed facial features. He traced a wrinkle or two with his forefinger. “I am most likely the cause for the wrinkles and gray hair,” Sherlock whispered aloud.  Though the gray looked sexy as hell he frowned at its implication. John was aging. “Aging is normal,” Sherlock mused, then fought down a wave of panic when he thought of the human degeneration process eroding his own body as well as John’s. A surge of anger coursed through his veins at the realization that he couldn’t protect John from everything. A proper genius was no match for the ravages of time. “Someday we will both die, but do not fear for I will follow you into the dark,” Sherlock vowed aloud, covering John’s jawline with kisses.