A Tale of Two Doctors-December 21st

John, you like hell.”

John grinned. “Thanks, Launa, I can always depend on you to lift my spirits.”

“Well, promise me that you’ll at least do something fun on your day off.”

His smile faded. “Fun is overrated. I’ll settle for Strange over and over.”

Launa looked back at him. “Doctor Watson, you are the strangest person I’ve ever met. If your heart didn’t belong to another, I could fall in love with you, you know?”

He traced her cheek with his finger. “I know, but my heart is Strangelocked.”




A Lock of Hair-Doctor Strange/Watson Fanfic

Dearest John, what did you think of Roman Holiday? Too romantic? Anyway, I thought of you the whole time and could swear that you were sitting next to me, holding my hand, nuzzling my neck and caressing my cheek. Mordo has managed to kill another sorcerer—a woman. She wasn’t part of the sanctum, but we still felt her loss. I’m sorry, my letters must depress you. On another note, I explored a new dimension, the other day— the compact dimension. I wouldn’t recommend it. It felt like being squeezed into a million pieces. It didn’t hurt, it just felt weird



The Strange/Watson Letters

Dearest John, it’s hard to find words. By now Wong would have explained why I had to leave so quickly. As much as I wanted to remain in your arms, I couldn’t let time stop, even for you. Wong has cast a spell on each letter I write to you, so that Mordo cannot trace it. Electronic communication can be traced, so snail mail it is. Sometimes the old ways are best. The letters will be sent to the London sanctum where you can write to me in return. I will find a way out of this, I promise. Everything reminds me of you, the Thai iced tea that the cook brews. She hands me a cup every morning and I want to weep when the first taste hits my lips. Her eyes search mine and we both know in that instant how much I miss you.



Only Time Will Tell-Doctor Strange/Doctor Watson Fanfic

“John, I hear something, a shrill note. Do you hear it?”

“Yes, it’s as annoying as hell.”

“It doesn’t belong in our keys. John someone’s attempting to reach us. I’m going after it.”

“No, Strange, wait for me. Strange?” John floated in his minor key. I’m lost without my major. Strange, where are you?” He felt himself becoming absorbed in the music— a soft mournful tune.

“John, it’s Strange, come follow me.”

“Of course, it’s you, who else would it be?” he snapped. “I’m sorry, Strange. I trust you, lead us out of this place.”



You’re the Relative to My Minor-Doctor Strange/Watson Fanfic

Strange floated through the citrine dimension. What am I? I have a pulse, but no heartbeat. I am making sounds, but have no voice. What am I? What was I? A sound surrounds me. I’ve heard it before; it’s a pitch. It’s F# of a major chord. I’m in the key of G major, but how? There is another that makes my heart sing. Who is he? What is he? He is…is a Doctor—John. I want to call to him, but I can’t. He is close. I can feel it. He could be any number of pitches. I run through a G major scale, panicking when I can’t find him. John, John, where are you? I float adrift becoming lost in every piece of music I’ve ever loved. The notes bombard my senses, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, all perfect, all me. They are now the essence of who I am. If John, isn’t in G major, then where is he? He then smiled, scattering notes. I know where you are, John, you are in my relative minor—E minor.



Astral Release-Doctor Strange/Doctor Watson Fanfic.

Strange looked at John and John looked back at him. They stared at one another. How long? Centuries? When he leaned forward, John took the initiative again and he gasped when his fingers worked their way through the fabric of his clothing, groping the material folds until he reached his target—flesh. He shivered and John stopped.

“Are you okay, Strange?”

His body began to shake. “Yesss, I’m fffine.” Then he paused, taking a deep breath. “John, I’m not fine. It’s my illness and this dimension. They are crushing me. I must project into my astral body. We both must, if we are to survive.”



Citrine Dimension

Strange looked at Wong. “Could you repeat that one more time?”

“Mordo is in the citrine dimension.”

“What’s the citrine dimension?” John asked.

Strange then glanced over at John, working to control his own heart rate. Damn, I’m starting to lose it. “The citrine dimension is a color frequency dimension. It is a disorientating place, full of deception. Everything is citrine colored. A person’s voice can become lost forever by disturbing its fragile facets. Oh, god, John, I can’t take you there.”

John stepped in front of him. “You can’t stop me. Wong and I are coming with you.”

“No, someone needs to stay here. Wong, you will come with me and John will stay.”

John laid a hand on his arm. “Strange, you’re not making sense. Wong is more equipped to guard the sanctum and I am more equipped to guard you.”

“I don’t need guarding and besides you have no idea what the citrine dimension could do to you, John. You could be fused into a crystalline structure forever, or your essence could be transformed into a frequency that no one could hear—just a blip on some observatory satellite.”

Strange shivered when John took his arm. “Then we shall be frozen in amber together, like fossils.”




In the Chaos-Dr Strange/Dr. Watson Fanfic

John washed up, after a long and arduous surgery. The patient had died. Now it was time to tell the family. I’m sorry for your loss, but your son fucked up, got drunk and pedaled his bicycle in front of a bus. I tried but couldn’t put all the pieces back together again. Fuck, this part of the job sucked.

He made his way to where the family waited, their eyes hopeful and wary at the same time. Then the mother looked at him and he looked at her. She knew, even before he spoke she knew. Her wail of grief made the hairs on his arms stand on end. Her husband moved to catch her.

He looked at John, wanting the empirical evidence his heart couldn’t accept.  “I’m sorry, your son didn’t survive, his injuries were too severe.”

“Did he regain consciousness and say anything?”

The mother’s sobs made John want to scream as well. “No, I’m sorry.” Then he left, knowing that he would hear her sobs in his dreams. I need a drink. When is my bloody shift over? He stopped just outside his office and looked at the figure that hovered at the door. “Wong, is that you? How are you? What are you doing here?” Then he looked at Wong and Wong looked at him. “Oh Christ, it’s Strange, isn’t it?”

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A Tale of Two Doctors Strange/Watson

4 Months Later

John looked at his reflection in the mirror, while he finished getting ready for work. Though the green scrubs set off his blue eyes, making them sparkle, they also accented the bags that lay in round puffs beneath them. I look old, tired, sad. He’d lost weight, a lot of weight. ‘You’re as thin as a rake,’ one of his colleagues had said the other day. I look like Jack  Skellington, the Pumpkin King. He smiled, recalling a song or two, but the titles eluded him. Strange would know. He would know the dates and probably the times each song was recorded and published. Strange…His smile faded, replaced with a grimace. I look like my father just before he had his heart attack.  I’m a mess, can’t wait to get to work, to heal the broken and ease the pain of the dying. I’m John Hamish Watson, trauma surgeon and soldier. Maybe I should re-up, back to the desert—death. Christ, I’ve got to get going.

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A Tale of Two Doctors Strange/Watson

John swallowed, attempting to keep from coughing. When his throat became dry coughing would ensue and his throat always got dry when he was nervous. Today he would be tested to see if he could come back from wherever Strange stranded him. He’ll probably send me to Iceland. Maybe I shouldn’t have been such a smart ass.

Master Strange clapped his hands and class began. John attempted to keep his mind on the techniques, but he kept getting distracted by his own thoughts of being dumped in the middle of god knew where—the frozen tundra, a volcano, the middle of the ocean. Though he went through the defensive movements with his partner, his mind wandered until he felt a sharp slap on the side of his face. Outraged he whirled around.

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