New Release The Merprince’s Pirate

Rat has always been a boy of the streets, then a pirate. His life has been a string of misfortune and violence. But when a merboy rescues him from certain death, Rat’s world is changed forever.

Coralin, a merprince, has been raised in the lap of luxury, destined to be king. He’s been taught that humans are evil. But when he rescues a young boy from drowning, his world is turned upside down. He knew that someday he would find a mate, but he didn’t expect him to be human, and he certainly expect him to be a pirate.

Both boys come to care for each other, but are unprepared when fate throws them a curve ball, separating them for years.
Coralin’s underwater kingdom is thrown into political turmoil, waiting for him to spawn royal offspring, while Rat struggles to survive among a blood thirsty crew of pirates.

Rat and Coralin are thrown into a world neither can imagine, after they fall in love when they find one another again. Coralin becomes torn between his obligation to his people and his love for Rat, forcing him to choose between love and duty.



Just a Thought

“I have been asked on many occasions, why write gay romance novels? Do I write them to be trendy? Do I write them as an act of rebellion against conservatism? Why? I write them for long lost loves. I write them for those that lacked the courage to look across the room to the one person their heart gravitated towards. I write them for all those that looked at themselves in the mirror and said, “Why me?” I write them for a future world in which individuals are free to love who they want to. I write them as homage to all those dreams that died on the pyre of judgement.”

Requiem Blood Mass Avalaible for Pre-Order on*Version*=1&*entries*=0

For a moment Darien fantasied about what it would be like to shoot an arrow through Cupid’s heart. In slow motion the arrow would fly until it pierced its target. “His heart is probably black,” Darien thought as he imagined black sludge pouring from the Greek god’s chest cavity. The image made Darien smile, but like all fanatical speculations the mind specter soon faded away only to be replaced by a gnawing emptiness. 

Thursday for Erotic Love

Okay, today is hump day and so we all know what’s coming next, Thursday. Thursday for erotic love? Last week’s promotion went very well, so I will be giving my book away for free tomorrow only and just to mix things up I will also be offering my 2 short stories in one volume for 99 cents.  short story Free promotion

Too Many Words

For those of you who have been so sweet thank you. Drank the moviprep, God it’s awful. Gives a who new meaning to clean as a whistle. More later. Regarding my book the publisher said too many words, so apparently people who read erotica don’t like history? Reminds me of this clip.